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Dedicated Team Workshop: Practicing Gratitude and Shifting Your Mindset

 Is productivity down at your team? Needing to realign?

If you’ve been feeling that your morale is down with your team and productivity has hit rock bottom. Your team may need to shift their mindset.

Practicing Gratitude and Shifting Your Mindset Workshop

My Practicing Gratitude and Shifting Your Mindset Workshop will help you and your team get back on track. We'll focus on practicing gratitude and shifting mindsets so that your teammates can increase productivity, work for a common goal, and enthusiastically participate in the organization. With a little bit of guidance, you can improve your team's satisfaction in their career!

Some of the main topics that will be covered:

Shifting your team’s mindset and improving work-life

Understanding how to practice and incorporate the act of gratitude daily

Developing a growth mindset

Open employee mindset to career advancement and productivity

Improved satisfaction in career

Meet Your Expert:

I’m Shana Bryant. I'm a teacher, event planner, and social entrepreneur in Boston, MA. I've worked with some great entrepreneurs and corporations to implement efficient and effective practices.


I'm confident that my background and skills will allow me to transform businesses, events, and personal goals through detail and intention. Sign up now for my Practicing Gratitude and Shifting Your Mindset workshop!

Are you ready to help your team shift into a productive powerhouse?

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