Feeling close to your goals, but yet so far?

Check out Shana Bryant Consulting’s workshop: Manifesting Your Goals

Tired of goals feeling out of reach?  

You know that your team could achieve anything with the right framework, but your organization is lacking the tools to get them to the finish line?

Manifesting Your Goals Workshop

That's where the Manifesting Your Goals workshop comes in! We'll be teaching your team how to set and achieve their goals by using productivity and goal-setting techniques that have been proven to work. With our help, your team will be able to work together harmoniously to achieve anything they put their minds to!

Some of the main topics that will be covered:

Understand the power of visualization

Understand the importance of celebrating small milestones

Get organized

Become more productive in your personal and professional life

Learn how to set and accomplish organizational goals

Meet Your Expert:

If you're looking to increase productivity in your organization, this workshop is for you! I’m Shana Bryant. I'm a teacher, event planner, and social entrepreneur in Boston, MA. I've worked with some great entrepreneurs and corporations to implement efficient and effective practices.


I'm confident that my background and skills will allow me to transform businesses, events, and personal goals through detail and intention. 

 So, if you want to increase employee productivity, this workshop is for your team! 

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