Has organization and time management become an issue on your team?

Check out Shana Bryant Consulting’s Workshop: Developing To-Do list and Routines.

Your employees struggle to stay productive and reach their goals.

Without a plan, it's easy to get sidetracked and end up wasting time and resources. 

 With a well-developed system to create and execute to-do lists, your employees can make the most of their active work time and reach your company’s organizational goals. 


Developing To-Do Lists and Routines Workshop

This workshop will help your employees develop productivity routines that work for them. They'll learn how to create a to-do list that is both effective and flexible, so they can stay on track no matter what life throws their way.

Some of the main topics that will be covered:

Creating an effective and tailored to-do list that works

Gain structure and flexibility

Save time by learning how to optimize routines

Develop productivity skills that will help your organization reach its goals

Meet Your Expert:

If you're looking to increase productivity in your organization, this workshop is for you! I’m Shana Bryant. I'm a teacher, event planner, and social entrepreneur in Boston, MA. I've worked with some great entrepreneurs and corporations to implement efficient and effective practices.


I'm confident that my background and skills will allow me to transform businesses, events, and personal goals through detail and intention. 

Are you ready to help your team shift into a productive powerhouse?

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