Shana Bryant

Top 10 Conflict resolution tips for business owners

Any business owner will tell you that conflict is a normal and necessary part of business. After all, businesses are made up of people, and people are bound to have disagreements from time to time. While it might be tempting to try to avoid conflict altogether, doing so can actually do more harm than good.

What does a community liaison do?

Those who know me have heard me talk about my community liaison work occasionally. Let me catch you up for the newbies before we jump into what exactly it is that a community liaison does. I have been working with different community organizations as a liaison for several years now. It’s something that I fell […]

Massachusetts Is Opening

On May 29, 2021, the Commonwealth will rescind its mask mandates in accordance with new guidelines from the CDC, and the State of Emergency will end June 15, 2021. Here’s how we will keep ourselves and our events safe.