Shana Bryant

SBC Insights

June 27, 2024 | @shanabryantconsulting

Trifecta Approach Breakdown: Thoughtful Content

We recently highlighted the first element of the Trifecta Approach – Seamless Logistics. The next part ensures that your event is timely, engaging, memorable, and relevant to the moment – Thoughtful Content.

By incorporating thoughtful content, you’re not only ensuring that your audience will stay until the last moment of your event but also elevating your mission and value within their minds. This is your time to shine by telling your story, no matter your mission or vision, in an impactful and meaningful way. It’s your chance to give attendees those important moments that they’ll remember for days and weeks, long after the event is finished.

When beginning to plan an event program, Shana Bryant’s approach is to think about it in the context of bookends – a beginning, a middle, and an end. Starting from the end and working backward, we’re able to weave in elements within the allotted time that will be appealing while also achieving your overall event goals.

Telling your story is the primary goal, but it’s just one part. While talking about your mission, it’s also important to incorporate fun and engaging opportunities. These can take many different shapes – an auction, a paddle raise, a game, and the list goes on.

Along with fun, there should also be moments of emotion – times when the entire audience is spellbound, and the room is completely silent. This may take the shape of a speaker, a video, a musical interlude, or other element.

Combine all of these together, and you have a program that’s sure to create a long-term connection with your attendees, as well as fundraising success (if that’s your goal).

The program can seem like a puzzle that brings together many different elements into one moment in time. By creating an event that’s filled with thoughtful content, you’re using those important moments to create impact that will last far beyond the day of your event.