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June 13, 2024 | @shanabryantconsulting

Trifecta Approach Breakdown: Seamless Logistics

Shana Bryant discussing logistics

We recently highlighted our Trifecta Approach as a way to create memorable events that appear flawless. By focusing on three core areas – Superior Customer Service, Seamless Logistics, and Thoughtful Content – we create a framework to ensure event success. To really understand its importance, we’re going to break down each of the three areas of focus in a short series. The first is Logistics.

No matter the event, the logistics can seem daunting. From deciding on a venue to hiring support services to ensuring the program runs smoothly, there are many details to line up.

When talking about offering Logistics to customers, we break the process down into five distinct phases: Initiation, Planning, Implementation, The Event, and Closure.


Initiation refers to the moment when Shana Bryant Consulting is hired to manage your event – usually 12-18 months out from the event date. We begin by discussing your goals for the event and the budget you have to work with. An initial meeting with the core event team ensures that everyone will be on the same page.


Planning begins as soon as a contract is finalized and signed – usually starting 12 months out from the event date. We work with clients to make decisions about the larger elements of the event, including the venue, look and feel, and the basic structure of the program.


Implementation refers to when we begin to put the plans that have been made into action – usually 8-12 months out from the event and going until the event date. With all of the larger elements of the event locked in, we work with clients to begin to bring everything together to make the entire event a success – those details that make the day (or night) memorable for your guests.

The Event

It’s go time! This is the day that we’ve been planning for since the Initiation phase. We take all of the worry away from our clients by managing every aspect of the day from set up, to the running of the show, to cleaning up the venue. It’s important for clients to be able to know that the event will run smoothly, and we make that happen.


The event is over, and now it’s time to review the entire process. What went right? What could have been improved? How do we make changes for an event better event next year? The Closure is the last phase, including a final meeting with all involved stakeholders, when we provide our clients with valuable insights about their event.

Though daunting, the team at Shana Bryant Consulting works to make the logistics for your event nothing but seamless!