It starts with your idea.  I will help you take that big goal and break it down into manageable parts.

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I’ve combined my love of community, planning, and events to develop multiple businesses focusing on connecting businesses and communities in a way that creates new narratives around both. 

Known for high-end in-person, virtual, and hybrid event management, Manifested Events is sought after by non-profit and corporate partners alike.

Offering full-service support to execute your vision for an event and manage the details.

Having executed large events for many years, Shana decided to start an academy to help entrepreneurs and brands create memorable experiences for their audience.

Learn how to start an event planning business and create dope ass events.

Curated to help you take actionable steps toward achieving your professional and personal goals, Shana develops an interactive learning experience that focuses on the areas most important to you.

Work with Shana for a custom experience for you are a group.

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“SBC takes event management to another level. I have worked with many event planners and coordinators and Shana and her team by far are the best. SBC helped us to clarify our vision for the event, and they handled all aspects of planning to every fine detail and executed with seamless efficiency. They totally had everything under control and made sure that everyone was on top of their tasks, whether they were related to the event program, logistics or fundraising. We had a modest fundraising goal and they pushed us to raise even more, and we were happily surprised when we surpassed our target!

Honestly, it was close to a flawless event. It was fun and represented our values, brand and mission. It was our first major event and it was a complete success. SBC will be our go-to vendor for all things event planning.”


Kelly Bates, President of Interaction Institute for Social Change

“Shana is incredibly helpful at keeping us on task, as an Empowerment Institute fellow at Chica Project from 2016-2017 she coordinated monthly gatherings including a field trip to Washington D.C. Once she began her business we hired her the following year as our event planner for our annual fundraiser. Shana’s tight schedule, training of our event volunteers all while coordinating logistics allowed us to have a successful event. Shana is trustworthy, flexible and understands the complexities when managing numerous activities at the same time. Thank you Shana keeping us on track!”


Nurys Camargo, Board President and Founder of Chica Project

“Shana and I have partnered on a number of events over the years and she is my #1 go to for strategy and logistics! She can take a bunch of unclear ideas and turn them into an unforgettable experience where things go well behind the scenes and for the guests. As I’m building my business, she has also been a key advisor and coach, helping me to hone in on my “why” and create action plans that get me closer to my goals. As my “business bestie,” she has made my journey into entrepreneurship much more enjoyable!”


Sheena Collier, Founder & CEO The Collier Connection

“Shana’s superior customer service to conference attendees was second to none – our guests remarked on how they felt heard and cared for when she followed up on their requests. The week of the event, I could think of no other person I’d have preferred by my side pulling off this event. My team and I arrived onsite to a well-organized office, complete with motivational quotes on posters (very Shana!) and a welcoming productive work space despite our many boxes and gear thoughtfully placed throughout. Shana took her work seriously, with much-needed humor, confidence and finesse that made the entire experience a true pleasure despite the quick go-go-go pace that is the norm running a large multi-day conference.”


– Candice Cook,  Associate Director of Affiliated Network at YouthBuild USA

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